Nutritious Recipes for Busy People
From the Colorado Dietetic Association

The Best of Simply Colorado, the latest edition in the Simply Colorado cookbook series, is now available! 

3 Because of the overwhelming success of the two previous cookbooks,Simply Colorado and Simply Colorado, Too!, the Colorado Dietetic Association has returned with more nutritious recipes for busy people, The Best of Simply Colorado.

The Best of Simply Colorado cookbook is a compilation of our favorite Colorado cuisine which is not only wholesome and nutritious but flavorful and easy to prepare. Each recipe is designed to fit into a healthful eating style. While preserving flavor and convenience, these recipes have been adapted to be lower in fat, cholesterol and sodium, and higher in fiber than traditional dishes.

The tempting offerings found in The Best of Simply Colorado have been developed and tested by ata_ehir sex shop Colorado's nutrition experts - Registered Dietitians who are members of the Colorado Dietetic Association. Additionally, we know that people want delicious food but don't want to spend hours in the kitchen preparing it. The Best of Simply Colorado recipes include preparation and cooking time estimates as well as nutrition information. You'll also find nutrition tips, how to use the Food Guidance System and how to modify your favorite recipes to make them more healthful.

With over 250 recipes that are sure to please, bring The Best of Simply Colorado home to your friends and family for $19.95.

The first two books in the series, Simply Colorado and Simply Colorado Too! are sold out. We have plenty of inventory of The Best of Simply Colorado and we think you will find it a wonderful addition to the series.  

You can order your copy by calling 1-800-258-5830 or online at https://www.noktashop.org/sex-toys-izmir You can also find The Best of Simply Colorado at most book and gift stores throughout Colorado and at Amazon


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